Writeplacer Success: Accuplacer Essay Writing Study Guide by Academic Success Media

Writeplacer Success: Accuplacer Essay Writing Study Guide

Book Title: Writeplacer Success: Accuplacer Essay Writing Study Guide

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1489572872

Author: Academic Success Media

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Academic Success Media with Writeplacer Success: Accuplacer Essay Writing Study Guide

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Writeplacer Success is a comprehensive writing and grammar guide for the essay part of the Accuplacer test.

Writeplacer Success guides you through the Accuplacer essay writing process step by step in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

Each section of the book has an overview of the various aspects of the Writeplacer essay, with tips and tricks to remember for the day of your actual exam.

Each section has exercises, answers, and explanations so that you can see how to improve your writing for the Accuplacer test.

The book also contains sample essays for you to study.

Our Writeplacer Success Study Guide includes the following sections:
  • Writeplacer Essay Format and Question Types
  • Writeplacer Scoring – How the Automated Scoring Software Works
  • How to Avoid Common Writeplacer Errors and Raise Your Score
  • Writeplacer Essay Structure
  • Creating Effective Thesis Statements
  • Writing the Introduction
  • Organizing the Main Body
  • Elaboration in the Body Paragraphs
  • Elaboration of Supporting Points
  • Using Linking Words and Subordination to Build Sentences
  • Writing the Main Body Paragraphs
  • Sample Main Body Paragraphs
  • Writing Clear and Concise Topic Sentences
  • Writing the Conclusion
  • Using Correct Grammar and Punctuation
  • The Importance of Vocabulary for the Writeplacer
  • Academic Word List
  • Sample Essays and Exercises
If you score poorly on the Writeplacer exam, you may waste time and money by having to take a developmental non-credit English class.

Get a step ahead in your college placement with Writeplacer Success!

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