Bourbon Chase, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 1 by Alexi Venice

Bourbon Chase, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 1

Book Title: Bourbon Chase, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 1


ISBN: 1456628119

Author: Alexi Venice

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Alexi Venice with Bourbon Chase, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 1

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The carnal catch--that exquisite, sweet moment when a woman is seized with passion in a romantic encounter and committed to fulfilling her sexual desire without turning back.

Jen Dawson is an emergency room physician in San Francisco who prides herself on an orderly and driven life. Tommy Vietti is an experienced detective who solves homicides quicker than any other cop. Amanda Hawthorne is a powerful, young District Attorney who is defined by loyalty and an unshakable sense of justice.

Their lives change forever when Jen's colleague, Dr. Lane Wallace, becomes a murder suspect in the death of his paramour, an ultrasound technologist. Jen fiercely defends Dr. Wallace, but her lover, Tommy, discounts her opinions as misplaced loyalty. While working a shift, Jen unwittingly becomes a witness in the investigation when she provides medical care to one of the suspects, defending her actions against criticism from Tommy and Amanda.

Amanda clashes with Jen when their worlds collide during the investigation, but they soon discover they have more in common than just butting heads. As their relationship takes on a heightened intensity, Jen's world is thrown deeper into turmoil, forcing Jen and Amanda to make a decision that will change the trajectory of all their lives.

Tommy is determined to investigate beyond the obvious, even if it means unearthing cold, hard truths about crimes of passion in his own circle of friends from the North Beach neighborhood. A romantic man with a large Italian family, Tommy follows his intuition and creatively attacks the case, forcing the killer to make a mistake.